KENT CARTER - contra bass and composer
16320 Juillaguet

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“Kent Carter has always been a most inspired soloist with a great personality. He is one of the most lively and exciting musicians which the creative musical scene can offer at this time.” (Laurent Goddet, France)

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contra bass and composer
Born June 1939-USA

Grew up in a musical family. Father was a viola player and conductor.
Studied piano, cello and bassoon as a child. Started the bass in 1959.
Studied music in Boston, Mass in the late 50's to 1963

Participated in "October Revolution" (a creative music movement in New York in early 60's) and performed and recorded with the "Jazz Composers Guild Orchestra under the direction of Michael Mantler and Carla Bley.

From 1964 toured and recorded in Europe with Paul Bley, Carla Bley, Michael Mantler, Steve Lacy, Don Cherry, Gato Barbieri, Alan Silva, Mal Waldron, Michael Smith, Bobby Bradford, Max Roach, Enrico Rava, Roswell Rudd, Derek Bailey, John Stevens, Trevor Watts, Steve McCall to name a few.

Member of the Steve Lacy Quintet from 1970-81 in Paris.

Member and co-founder of the trio TOK with Takashi Kako and Oliver Johnson, touring Europe and Japan with extensive recordings on TRIO records in Japan and ECM in Europe.

Founder of the KENT CARTER STRING TRIO with Carlos Zingaro - violin and Francois Dreno - viola. Tours and radio concerts in France and Germany. A CD recording "The Willisau Suites" was recorded in the 80's.

Moved to the South West of France in the 80's. Taught at the Beaux Art School in Agouleme for 6 years. During this period toured with The Magic Circus theatre co. performing Stravinsky's "History of a Soldier" through - out the south of Europe..

Played with the trio DETAIL with the late John Stevens - drums and Frode Gjerstad - tenor sax. Concerts and festivals in Norway and England. Recordings - "Less is More" with Billy Bang on violin.

In the 90's to the present have been making new rewarding collaborations in Germany with;

Albrecht Maurer - violin and composer. CD "Albrecht Maurer Quartet Works

with Wolter Wierbos - trombone and Achim Krämer - percussion.
Concert tours in Holland and Germany - WDR radio production.
Albrecht Maurer is now a member of Kent Carter String Trio..

Member of the Vysniauskas /Jorgensmann Quintet
with Petras Vysniauskas, Theo Jorgensmann, Andreas Willers, Klaus Kugel
Concert tours and recording - festivals

Two tours with the Eckard Koltermann group.

Formed the KENT CARTER PROJECT with:
Charlie Mariano - Saxophones
Karl Berger - piano and vibes
Albrecht Maurer - violin
Klaus Kugel - percussion
Concert tours and radio recordings in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg.

Concert tours and radio recordings with
Petras Vysniauskas - soprano saxophone
Charlie Mariano - alto saxophone
Theo Jörgensmann - clarinet
Karl Berger - vibes and piano
Kent Carter - double bass
Klaus Kugel - drums
CD will be released in january 2005 on hatOLOGY.

with Karl Berger and Klaus Kugel.
Performed at the Berlin Festival November of 99, with the Saint Christopher Chamber Orchestra of Vilnius/Lithuania.
Tours with the quartet in Lithuania as well as Germany.

Formed trio VOYAGE with singer Benat Achiary and David Holms on percussion.
CD recording "achiarycarterholmes"
Concerts in Paris, South of France and Spain. Switzerland, Belgium


Composes music for dance, theatre, video and film and concerts performance.


Beauvais Cathedral - Emanem Records
Kent Carter Solo with Claude Bernard - Sun records
Suspensions - Ictus Records
La Contrabasses "It Will Come" - Chant du Monde
Kent Carter String Trio " Willisau Suites" - ITMP
Kent Carter Albrecht Maurer " The Juillaguet Collection " - EMANEM
Cinégraph's Trio - "Polyculturel"

Played at festivals - - Royan, Chateauvallon, Willisau, Berlin, Moers, Molde, Porri, St.Sebastian, Milano, Baden Baden, Nancy, Warsaw, Paris, Vilnius, Hamburg, East Berlin, Bremen, Rome, Pisa, Torino, Lisbon, London, Glasgow, Krakow, New York, Vancouver, Berkley Calf. Tokyo etc....


new projects:

John Law - piano, composition (England)
Kent Carter - double bass (France)
Klaus Kugel - drums (Germany)